June 24, 2024
Electric Opel Mokka

Electric Opel Mokka has become more powerful and long-range

The crossover received a battery and an electric motor from Astra Electric

Opel introduced the updated Mokka-e. The electric crossover changed its name to Mokka Electric, received a more capacious battery and a powerful electric motor from Astra Electric.

The range of the model increased immediately by 20 percent, up to 406 kilometers according to WLTP. The output of the power plant has increased to 156 horsepower. At the same time, the battery charging time remained the same. According to the results of October-November, Mokka became the most popular electric car in the B-SUV segment in Germany.

Now Mokka Electric is longer-range and more powerful than its predecessor. It’s all about the electric motor and battery from Astra Electric, which made it possible to increase the output to 156 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque, and the range to 406 kilometers on the WLTP cycle.

In relative terms, the increase was 20 percent, which is quite good. At the same time, Opel engineers have optimized the operation of the drive, reducing energy consumption to 15.2 kilowatt-hours for every 100 kilometers. Acceleration to the first “hundred” from Mokka Electric takes exactly 10 seconds, the maximum speed is 150 kilometers per hour. As before, charging the battery to 80 percent takes about half an hour (from a 100-kilowatt column).

Today, the Opel range includes 12 electrified models, including a light commercial vehicle. By 2024, every car of the brand will have an electric twin, and by 2028, Opel will become an all-electric brand. Future electric cars will be largely unified with other Stellantis cars, which will allow Opel to save on economies of scale.