June 23, 2024

Full electric car battery in 5 minutes

The Israeli startup store dot promises drastically reduced charging times with a new battery technology. So the battery of an electric car should be fully charged in just 5 minutes. The company has now demonstrated that the project can succeed using the example of an e-scooter.

While numerous battery developers are opting for ever higher capacities and greater energy density, the Israeli startup store dot is taking a different approach. Drastically reduced charging times are expected to lead to a breakthrough in electromobility.

The Store-Dot technicians are using a new type of battery. The exact technology is not yet revealed. Just so much: The energy storage works with nanotechnology and organic compounds and is called Flash-Battery. With this technology, normal cell phone batteries should be fully charged after just 30 seconds. The battery of an electric car takes around five minutes. Then enough energy should be recharged for a range of around 300 miles (the equivalent of 480 km). The new batteries should also be more environmentally friendly to manufacture and recycle, less flammable and more temperature-stable.

Daimler and Samsung invest

Store-Dot demonstrated that the technology works for the first time in mid-May 2017 at the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. The next demonstration now followed: Within five minutes the battery of an electric scooter from Torrot was fully charged. “In today’s hectic society, a five-minute charge, made possible by ultra-fast rechargeable batteries and the appropriate infrastructure, can make an electric car as attractive to users as a petrol or diesel engine,” explains Dr. Doron Myersdorf, managing director of Store-Dot. The technology should now also be applied to four-wheeled electric vehicles as quickly as possible.

Store-Dot’s investors include Samsung and the Russian billionaire Roman Abramowitsch. The company raised another $ 60 million from new investors in September 2017. This also includes the Daimler truck division, which will also be given a seat on the Board of Directors at Stor-Dot. A possible application could be the next generation of the Fuso eCanter. The mineral oil company BP has also joined the Israelis and invested $ 20 million in May last year.