November 29, 2022
DS 7 Crossback Macron

Macron dares not 360 hp

As soon as the facelift model of the DS 7 is there, it is already in Emmanuel Macron’s French presidential fleet. However, not as a top model.

It was not long ago that Emmanuel Macron put the DS 7 Crossback Élysée into operation as a state car. But since the Stellantis luxury brand has meanwhile presented the facelift model without the suffix “Crossback”, you can no longer let the head of state drive around the country with the old version. And so, after only nine months, the service life of the predecessor ends in favor of the new DS 7 Élysée, making Macron the first facelift customer ever.

Does this look like a waiver?

As with the predecessor, the wheelbase has increased by 20 centimetres, increasing the overall vehicle length from 4.57 to 4.79 metres. The obligatory armor is also in the presidential SUV. The interior upgrades DS with optional extras such as individual leather seats in the rear, an Alcantara headliner, wireless charging options, USB ports and a central document holder. Again: nothing new compared to the predecessor. The same applies to the drive. The presidential SUV comes again as an E-Tense 4×4 300, although the facelift would have offered a top version with 360 hp. It almost sounds as if you are consciously practicing doing without – but then you should have continued to use the almost identical predecessor car.

What is new about the facelift are mostly cosmetic elements such as the rim design and the light signature. Emmanuel Macron doesn’t break out with the color either – it stays with encre blue, peppered with numerous tricolor elements and “République française” plaques. You can decide for yourself whether the state limo of Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz is decent or ostentatious. In our photo show at the top of the article you can see both the DS 7 Élysée and the DS 7 Crossback Élysée.

After just nine months, French President Emmanuel Macron is swapping his official vehicle. The DS7 Crossback Élysée becomes the almost identical DS 7 Élysée (without “Crossback”). The changes to the facelift model are mostly cosmetic.