June 24, 2024

Renault accelerates on electric

Renault has decided to increase the production rate of its electric vehicles. For this, the diamond brand relies on its factory in Cléon, near Rouen. The opening of a production line of ePT-160 KW engines to equip the Mégane E-Tech, and another for the future R5, is a real boost to the electrification of the brand.

At Cléon, we know engines and gearboxes perfectly, and have done so for more than sixty years.

With 34% of electric motors manufactured in 2021, the Renault plant located near Rouen has already set foot in electrics. Renault now wants to put both together, with the objective for 2030 that 100% of the engines produced at Cléon be electric.

According to Jose Vicente de los Mozos, industrial director of the Renault group, this will be done in stages: “We will go up to 60% in 2024, and 100% in 2030.”

After 317,000 electric motors produced in 2021, the Cléon plant now aims to produce one million zero-emission motors by 2030.

To accelerate the transition to electric, Renault has just opened a production line for ePT-160kW engines for the Mégane E-Tech in Cléon, assembled in Douai, on another French site of the brand. Another, dedicated to the future electric R5 and its 6AK engine will also see the light of day in 2024.

For Renault, the investment to switch Cléon to electric is substantial, €620 million, but seems necessary to compete with the other giants of the auto industry on the electric mobility market. A train not to be missed.