May 18, 2024

Snow chains can be activated at the push of a button

Snow chain mounting on a truck is a complex task. But there is another way. With the centrifugal chain system, the snow chain can be switched on at the push of a button while driving.

Heavy trucks and snow-covered lanes are a pairing that repeatedly leads to problems and long traffic jams if the truck loses grip under the tread blocks. Snow chains could often help here. However, mounting them on a truck is significantly more complex than on a car and in many cases is no longer possible on a stuck truck.

System is mounted under the vehicle

But there is also an alternative. It’s called a sling chain. This is not only convenient for truck drivers, but also for all other road users. If a truck is equipped with such a sling chain, the driver can easily switch it on from the cab at low speeds. A swivel unit under the vehicle is activated at the push of a button and the system’s friction wheel attaches to the side of the tire, similar to a bicycle dynamo. Operated above the tires, the star-shaped chains now turn and fling under the drive wheels, so that there is always a chain carpet between the tires and the ground.

The mechanism also works when reversing and, even with measured braking, there should always be enough chain parts between the tires and the road, according to the manufacturer. The chain strands are effective from a speed of three km / h.

The Rotogrip system from the manufacturer RUD consists of a universal adapter, compressed air cylinder and the friction wheel with the chain strands. The system can be configured online depending on the vehicle manufacturer, series, type, suspension and tire size. According to the manufacturer, the adapter system should fit most commercial vehicles and should be very easy to assemble.

Slingshot chains cost around 3,500 euros

The RUD Rotogrip chain rotors are suitable for trucks and buses, but not for off-road use, tractors or forestry machines. They are available in three versions: The Classic version is designed for light to heavy commercial vehicles. The Light Truck version is designed for commercial vehicles of the light series with a total weight of two tons or more without their own compressed air supply. Here the swivel arm movement is achieved by an electric drive. The compact version was developed for vehicles with limited installation space (air suspension, low-profile tires) and buses. Depending on the version, the hurling snow chain costs between 3,400 and 3,700 euros.