June 24, 2024

The Byton M-Byte, thanks to the iPhone, will come off the assembly line after all.

Production of the Byton M-Byte was supposed to start the year before last in 2019, but was postponed for some reasons.

As of today, it was reported that Foxconn and Nanjing (makers of iPhone contractors) are organizing support to set up production of the M-Byte. Brands have signed an agreement implying the release of the electric car early next year.

Foxconn vows to provide its own technology, as well as to organize assistance – to share some industrial resources for the development of the novelty. In this way, the brand’s ambitions in the field of “green” cars are significantly promoted. The ambition itself is to create a flexible architecture on which different types of model bodies will be built.

According to the sources close to the brand, the brand will invest about 200 million dollars. At the same time Byton said that the plant in Nanjing is already fully operational. The first pre-production models of M-Byte began production in early 2020.

It is reported that the M-Byte will be offered with two engines at once – one for each axle. We are talking about a total output of 469 horsepower. The power plant will be powered by batteries with a capacity of 72 and 95 kW⋅h. The car is able to overcome a distance of up to 550 kilometers without additional charging.

It should be recalled earlier it was reported that production of the Byton with a “dashboard” of 48 inches had begun. The car was first introduced two years ago at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).