May 18, 2024

This makes the lubricant exchange smart

As long as there are still combustion engines, regular oil changes are also an issue. The BP subsidiary Nexcel has developed a cartridge system for the oil change ready for series production.

In a first prototype stage, the Nexcel cartridge system could already be seen in the limited edition Aston Martin Vulcan. Now the British are reporting that the system is ready for series production and that mass production is getting closer.

Oil change in 90 seconds

What makes the Nexcel system so special? The system uses a closed cartridge in which all of the engine oil is kept. When a lubricant change is due, the entire cartridge, which also contains the oil filter, is simply pulled out and replaced with one filled with fresh oil and filter. Oil drain plugs and oil sumps are a thing of the past. Tool use is also not necessary. A clean and, above all, quick process. Nexcel speaks about 90 seconds. In addition, the used oil can be collected and recycled better. Each cartridge, which weighs around 1.4 kg when empty, should be able to be reused up to ten times.

Nexcel is currently negotiating with seven major automobile manufacturers about series production. The Nexcel system has a modular structure and is available in various sizes. The first large-scale production car is expected to come on the market within the next five years. By 2030, Nexcell plans to use over ten million oil change cartridges annually. Nexcel did not provide any information on prices.