June 24, 2024

Charging station with its own battery

The Austrian company Kreisel Electric specializes in the development of electric car drives and the peripherals. With Chimero, the company is now showing a charging station with a built-in battery.

The Austrian company Kreisel Electric, which was founded in 2014 by the three brothers Johann, Markus and Philipp Kreisel, has introduced a quick charging station for electric cars under the name Chimero.

So far not new? Yes, because the charging station should avoid the problem of slowly expanding the infrastructure. A 75 kWh battery stores electricity that can be charged from there with a charging capacity of up to 160 kW (CCS or CHAdeMO). The Austrians want to minimize fear of the range.

The retail trade should set up the charging stations

Drivers of smaller electric cars with a correspondingly more compact battery can simply charge their electric car during a short shopping trip in the supermarket. Kreisel Electric is targeting the trading company as a customer.

In the parking lots of local suppliers and other shops, the Chimero charging stations should be installed at reasonable costs compared to charging stations with a direct power supply.

In times of low network utilization, when electricity is cheaper or when green electricity from wind or solar energy is available, the battery in the charging station can be filled with up to 55 kW of charging power. Software controls the delivery of the energy so that no driver has to drive home without a battery charge.

Kreisel also intends to make the displays available to retailers as advertising space, for example for special offers or offers tailored to the respective customer.

The focus is also on private customers

“The CHIMERO gyroscope, which has a small footprint due to its compact design, is a best-of out of everything that we currently have to offer technologically,” says Philipp Kreisel. “The additional features are self-evident: Intuitive operability using a 9” HMI touch display and RFID, connection to most common activation and payment systems as well as parallel AC and DC quick charging via CCS, Type2 and optionally also a CHAdeMO connection.