June 24, 2024

Lidl launches its own low-cost SUV

Lidl takes everyone by surprise by lifting the veil on the very first automobile in its history. Faced with the Silvercrest SUV, Dacia has a lot to worry about.

Lidl launches its own low-cost SUV – The iconic German brand continues to create buzz with products bearing its own seal. After the sale of Lidl sneakers and sweaters that created a riot on the shelves, the supermarket chain is moving up a gear by attacking the automotive market. Thus, the so-called Lidl Silvercrest has just been revealed before a marketing scheduled for next summer at a base price that we are promised lower than that of the Dacia Duster.

The Duster in the viewfinder

It is a real earthquake that is shaking the automotive industry at the beginning of April. Since Lidl announced the imminent launch of its very first SUV, most of the stock market quotations of generalist manufacturers have seen their value drop dramatically. It is particularly within the Renault group, and more particularly at Dacia, that there is concern about the surprise arrival of the low-cost supermarket brand with a product capable of overshadowing the Duster. Lidl has obviously targeted the Romanian SUV precisely by modeling the size of the latter on its own (4.30 m long).

Made in China

To carry out its business, Lidl has been associated for several months with the Chinese firm Soueast to give birth to the Silvercrest which is none other than a rebadged DX5. In the Middle Kingdom, this model has already been marketed for three years with a 1.5 l 120 hp petrol engine as an entry ticket. It is probably this engine that will be chosen by Lidl to move its SUV in order to save its consumption and CO2 emissions. But the German firm has not yet officially communicated on this point.

She prefers, for the moment, to highlight the multicolored character inherited from the Lidl sneakers which were produced in a limited series a few months ago. Their success was such that some pairs are resold today at indecent prices on platforms like eBay, since it is not uncommon for them to be offered for more than €1,000, when they are exchanged for only €13 in store. If Lidl repeats such a buzz with its SUV, we bet that the Silvercrest will see its rating reach the price of a Bugatti Chiron, well over a million euros. Its catalog price, or rather prospectus, has not yet been unveiled, but should largely remain below the €14,990 mark displayed by the Duster.

At cost?

We can even expect a knockdown price since Lidl will only market its Silvercrest in the Harlequin color (yellow, blue and red). Very clearly, the chain of stores is counting on future buyers so that their new frame serves the communication of the brand. A kind of somewhat showy sandwich car that you will have to assume by becoming its owner. This is why, in order to convince the most reluctant, Lidl would be ready to sell its SUV at cost price. In the end, it wouldn’t be surprising if Silvercrest demanded a stake of less than €10,000.

Sacrifices in sight

A case in view of its plethoric equipment, including in particular a GPS screen, which will relay Lidl flyers each week, in order to inform the barge of promotions not to be missed. Tactile, this 9.3″ diagonal panel will allow you to scroll through each page of the advertising brochure, while the navigation system will offer to reach the nearest store. And no question of shopping at the competition! Indeed, an audible signal identical to that emitted in the event of forgetting the seat belt will sound if, in the trunk, there is an everyday product not from the Lidl brand. To achieve this, the carpet in the luggage compartment has been lined with electronic sensors capable of detecting yogurts, dishwashing liquids and other rolls of toilet paper from Carrefour, Auchan or Leclerc, for example. You have been warned.

In the fish department

No need to immediately rush to Lidl supermarkets to order Silvercrest, for now. Its date of marketing will not be communicated until the end of April. For information only, we learn that the machine will be specifically sold in the fish department. Upon hearing the news, Denis Le Vot, head of Dacia, would have picked up his phone to express his concern to Luca de Meo, boss of the Renault group.