May 18, 2024

France and the UK are on track to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. Countries such as Norway, India, the Netherlands, Germany and China are not lagging behind the trend.

  1. France

“We are announcing the end of sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040,” French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot said recently, adding that the move would be “a real revolution”.

2.United Kingdom

It looks like Britain will follow the example of its neighbor. Jesse Norman of the Department of Transportation announced plans to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

  1. Norway

The movement to ban internal combustion engines is not limited to France and Great Britain. NBC News reports: “At least four more countries are committed to making a 100 percent transition to zero-emission vehicles.” Norway is the most determined. She wants to make the transition to electric transport by 2025. 24% of cars sold in this oil and gas-rich country are already electric.

  1. Netherlands

While the country is still a long way from Norway, the Netherlands also has a relatively high rate of electric vehicle sales – about 6% of the total car market. However, the Dutch government is not yet ready to heed the demands to ban internal combustion engines as early as 2025.

  1. Germany

In neighboring Germany, there is more certainty about the timing of the full transition to electric vehicles. The country is ready to halt sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030, despite the fact that there are still a number of obstacles on the way to this goal.

  1. India

The fight against the internal combustion engine is not limited to Europe. Oddly enough, it was joined by two of the largest developing countries in the world. India, like Germany, wants to implement this plan by 2030.

  1. China

The last participant of the “green” race has not yet made any official statements about the timing of the abandonment of the internal combustion engine. However, it is China that is the leader not only in Asia, but throughout the world in terms of sales of electric vehicles in absolute terms. Over the past year, 351 thousand new electric cars were sold in China. This is more than in all EU countries and the United States combined. According to experts, Beijing will announce the timing of a complete ban on the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles in the near future.