June 24, 2024
Formula 1 car in Romania

See the adventures of a Formula 1 car in Romania

On the way, the pilot met unusual characters

Romania has many natural beauties, and for motorists, the best opportunity to explore many of them is to drive along the Transalpina. This is the name of the national highway in Romania and one of the most beautiful high-altitude roads in Europe, laid in the Southern Carpathians. On the highest road in Romania, Austrian racing driver Patrick Friesacher got the opportunity to drive the 2011 Formula 1 championship car. The journey was not without adventure.

At the disposal of the athlete was a Red Bull RB7 car, equipped with a 750-horsepower 2.4-liter V8 turbo engine with a KERS hybrid component. In 2011, behind the wheel of such a car, the German Sebastian Vettel became the champion of Formula 1 for the second time, and Red Bull Racing took the title in the team standings.

Patrick Friesacher did not pursue titles, but on his way to Bucharest he met several interesting characters from Romanian culture. The pilot got in the way of the modern incarnation of the legendary Count Dracula, a Romanian shepherd and a traditional Romanian wedding ceremony.

Well, in the final part of the journey, the race car driver was accompanied not only by the team mechanics who held a “field” pit stop, but also by the branded truck of the Austrian racing team, a motorcycle stunt rider and a paraglider pilot.