May 18, 2024

5G-V2X hybrid before first series use

CES 2019 Continental is showing a hybrid communication network for 5G and V2X standards at CES 2019. A first customer should already be on board, and series production is scheduled for 2020.

Road traffic with autonomously driving cars in networked cities, in which traffic lights and parking spaces are also intelligently controlled, is primarily based on smooth digital communication.

The availability of a nationwide broadband communication network is essential. The current 4G mobile radio standard is not sufficient due to the amount of data and the required transmission speed.

Data transfer at up to 10 Gbit/s

The example value for the download rate makes this clear. While 4G (LTE) can achieve up to 300 Mbit or LTE + up to 4Gbit per second, which is significantly more than most landline Internet connections, 5G already has 10 Gbit. However, it will take a few more years for the 5G network to be set up. A nationwide coverage should not be guaranteed, even with 4G there are currently still large gaps in nationwide coverage.

In smart cities, other communication options between cars and the Internet of Things are to be used in addition to mobile communications. V2X is the technical term, vehicle-to-everything. With WLAN and WLANp, the traffic lights at intersections can be controlled depending on the traffic situation and pedestrian traffic, while passers-by can also record movement and presence data anonymously via the 4G network or NFC (Near Field Communication).

Presentation at CES 2019

The automotive supplier Continental will present a global 5G hybrid V2X network at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11, 2019) in Las Vegas. This should make it possible for the individual traffic modules to communicate at a wide variety of levels and combine them in a data package for the software in the vehicle or in a traffic control center.

While V2X systems work over short distances, the combination with 4G and 5G also enables an information flow over longer distances. The end of a traffic jam is not only announced to reduce the speed, vehicles further away can start planning the bypass route directly.

The accuracy and speed are significantly improved compared to current real-time traffic systems. A customer not yet mentioned, presumably a Chinese car manufacturer, has already placed a 5G hybrid V2X order with Continental, according to the company.